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Wolf bracelet meaning

The wolf bracelet has a deep cultural significance to many different peoples, as they represent a connection to the power of nature and inner strength. This can be seen in Native American culture, where wolves are viewed as symbols of loyalty, tenacity, and courage. As a result, those who wear these bracelets can often find themselves feeling connected to the energy that wolves bring with them.

In Celtic mythology, the wolf is seen as an animal associated with protection and guidance. Wearing a wolf bracelet is said to honor spirit animals like the wolf for their ability to show us how to understand our own personal strengths and weaknesses.

Other cultures may use the symbol of the wolf as an amulet against evil or negative energies. Wearing a wolf bracelet can be a reminder to stay strong and fight against any dark forces that may come your way.

No matter the culture or tradition, wearing a wolf bracelet is said to bring one closer to their inner power and strength. It is believed that this powerful animal spirit guide can provide its wearer with protection, courage, and guidance in times of need.

By wearing one of these bracelets, you are honoring the deep connection between yourself and the power of nature. With its symbolic significance, these bracelets are a reminder of your personal strength and determination.

Wolf Bracelet, the perfect gift

Nowadays, we can't deny the fact that there are tons of good opportunity to offer a wolf bracelet: birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, wedding and many others. If you are a wolf lover or a wild spirit, then our bracelet jewelry for men and woman is a perfect way to express wild side.

No matter who you are, man, woman or child, we all have an inner wolf that just wait to be unleashed. Our jewel fits everyone, regardless your style. Our jewelry bracelets is a perfect gift that will sublime your look and strengthen your link with the spirit of the wolf.

wolf bracelets 

Wolf Bracelet for Men

Since the dawn of time, wolf bracelets symbolize power and bravery. The first men considered the wolf as an unparalleled hunter and incredibly adaptable. A symbol of many Native American and Celtic tribes, the wolf has retained its symbolic place over the years. Whether you have a rock style, rough and wild or elegant, a wolf bracelet is above all an affirmation of your temperament, strong, brave and wise.

Choose the one that reflect your soul : Silver, 316L stainless steel, bead bracelet, wrap bracelet or brown leather, we offer a large choice of fashion bracelet which will dress perfectly your wrist in complement of a splendid wolf ring and a wolf tooth necklace.

These unique jewelries for men highlights a unique style, respectable values and increased strength of character. A unique gift for every Alpha. 

Wolf Bracelet for Women

The spirit of the wolf has always guided people looking for spirituality. In the Native American tribes, the wolf spirit was a totem animal that guided the people. Symbol of wisdom and a very strong family bond, the wolf accompanied men and women in their daily life and in the world beyond. Today the wolf still plays an important role in the spiritual bond that unites all of us. Strengthen this bond by wearing a beautiful wolf link bracelet.

Add a wild touch to your ornaments, among your pendant necklace and wolf earrings, our selection of bracelets for women will reveal your inner wolf : red leather cuff bracelet, chain bracelet, wrap bracelets, bangle bracelet…

If you want to strengthen your spirituality, we also have a large choice of semi precious gemstones to bring the virtues of natural stones : onyx bracelet, lava rock, lapis lazuli, obsidian, hematite, agate, tiger eye stone and so on.


What are wolf bracelets made of?

All our bracelets are meticulously crafted with quality materials and comfortable to wear : 925 silver sterling, leather wrap bracelet, 316L stainless steel bracelet, titanium steel, rhodium, beaded bracelets, we have the bracelet that fits you.


  • Silver bracelets

If you’re not comfortable with silver plated bracelets, the 925 silver sterling collection will convince you. This material has many advantages, it is known for its malleability as well as its comfort to wear.

925 sterling silver is also known for its brilliant gray color, making any piece of jewellery extremely refined. It’s one of the must-have fashion accessories.

  • Stainless steel bracelets

Known for their durability and chlorine resistance, our stainless steel jewelry cannot be oxidized. It will keep the brightness of the steel intact. The stainless steel bracelet is part of the elegant, modern and chic jewelry and accessories. It is recognized by its hypoallergenic aspect and its resistance to time. This material does not oxidize: no need to remove it to wash your hands. You can wear it for years without it oxidizing or turning black. Whether it is silver, rush or gold, this jewel is an essential.

  • Leather bracelets

A raw accessory to perfectly reveal your wildness. The leather bracelet offers a wide range of colors to match all styles. Available in different colors such as blue leather, brown leather bracelet or black bracelet. Provided with a clasp, cuff bracelets are adorned with a beautiful engrave. Leather is a natural, noble and original material. Discover our collection of braided leather bracelets, with bronze symbol, stainless steel, etc.