top wolf rings and bracelets for wolf lovers

Wolf bracelets and rings are unique and timeless jewels. Man or woman, young or old, this range of jewelry (silver, leather, steel, ...) this is the perfect gift for wolf lovers and wild spirit. The wolf is a spiritual guide and a totem animal for many of us, it also embodies strong values that make it important in many cultures. It symbolizes courage, wisdom, strength, family and a taste for adventure.

Discover our top of the best wolf Bracelets and rings for the year 2020 and join our pack by proudly wearing our colors!

An ideal jewellery list for sensational gift ideas for all wolf lovers: 925 sterling silver, rhodium plated, titanium, gold rings, silvers rings a wide range of handmade ring styles and bracelet styles to fit every look.


wolf ring man

We start the top of wolf rings with the giant wolf ring. Due to its powerful and impressive design, this ring is a symbol of determination and domination. This meaningful ring was designed for wild spirits. 

As resistant as the Alpha wolf, it does not tarnish over the months. Made with quality materials such as 316L stainless steel, it is chlorine resistant and will maintain intact the shine of the steel.

This mens ring is also a symbol of unlimited confidence and developed leadership. Do you possess these advanced qualities? If so, make this giant wolf ring yours and shout out your values to the world!

Do not hesitate to complete your ring set with skull necklaces for a rock style. 


wolf ring for men

A very powerful design representing the ferocious ancient wolf head howling and growling. This vintage looking jewelry is perfect to adopt a wild and raw style with a skull ring.

Believe in yourself, place your convictions in this signet ring and set out to conquer the world. A wolf never lets himself be distracted from his main objective. He always reaches his prey, no matter what obstacles stand in his path. 


rabid wolf ring man

Adopt a Rock n' Roll and crazy look for those who like to express their difference! Punk, Gothic, Biker, Hipster or Rock, this jewel is for intrepid and reckless minds. Be the wolf, not the sheep, proclaim your difference to the herd.

This thin ring is unisex and can be wear by anyone. We have a wide range of ring sizes and rings for women to perfectly fit you.


wolf bracelet black beads

This bracelet with pearls is meticulously crafted to show your love for wolves. This is the best gift for every wolf lovers.

If you want to assert an elegant and wild style this beads bracelet is perfect.  


stainless steel wolf ring


You know that you are worth something, you are even convinced of it, but you would like to prove it once and for all. Behind your proud looks is a person with a strong character who wants to put the past behind him and not be judged anymore.

You are the type of person who wants to awaken his inner warrior and thus show the outside world that he holds true values. Like any wild spirit, you are not afraid of risk and will do anything to be recognized for your true worth!

This amazing rabid wolf ring for man is also available in 925 sterling silver rings:


dual wolf leather bracelet

Symbol of equality, loyalty and family bond, this jewel is a perfect gift to share with your best friend. Wear your bracelet as a symbol of your brotherhood and unity

The know-how of a qualified artisans and a choice of Silver or Gold color will ensure you the prestige adapted to your personality.

If you choose gold bracelets, complete your set with a gold necklace or pendants to harmonize your look.

This leather bracelet with two wolf heads will allow you to affirm your status as an Alpha.


wolf leather bracelet woman

A wolf bracelet for women symbolizing love as well as protection. Making it your own will strengthen the spiritual bond with the soul of the wolf.

Behind your personality is a wolf ready to do anything to help its wolf pack. If you recognize yourself, this bracelet for women will perfectly suit you. 


wolf ring viking
An extremely powerful Nordic design crafted by the best blacksmiths. Back to the time of the Vikings when the god Odin was leading the world, this ring is a symbol of honor and strength given to the best Viking warriors.

“Believe in yourself, no one goes to war unprepared. That's why you must train your mind and body to the hilt.”

If you like Vikings, Celtic and Nordic tales and myths, this wolf ring viking will awaken in you the strength of your ancestors from the northern lands.

Wearing this Wolf ring for man will give you direct access to knowledge and power to win any victory. Be strong, be determined, and never doubt, Viking legend flows through your veins.

Complete your style with Nordic pendant necklace or skull jewelry to become one with Vikings.


leather wolf bracelet man


Symbol of leadership and developed instinct, this sumptuous wolf bracelet will confirm your uniqueness. A design crafted with leather that will make you a true leader. This bracelet is the image of those who proudly assume their wild nature and their love for adventure. It is an ideal accessory to complement your wolf-inspired style.

Symbol of wisdom, intelligence, strength and a keen sense of family, the wolf is an animal that fascinates and will bring you important values.


wolf bracelet stainless steel man


Discover this wolf bracelet Hati  for Men and show your determination and your bravery. A unique jewelry crafted in 316L stainless steel, inspired by the wolf from Viking mythology, Hati, for a symbolic and outstanding creation.

Wear this powerful jewel to feel confident and unstoppable. Son of the powerful wolf Fenrir, Hati and his brother Skoll chase the sun and the moon to bring Ragnarök. This wolf, as feared as he is revered, is a symbol of courage and strength.

Emblem and legend of the Nordic folks, he will take position on your wrist to bring you his strength and power.

Wear this fabulous Hati wolf bracelet with silver jewelry such as sterling silver ring or silver necklace.

Now, you have a jewelry gifts list if you are short of ideas or wish to personally acquire unique jewelry such as wolf silver bracelets or a silver ring. Do not hesitate to give us your top list as a comment. Also discover the best gifts for wolf lovers

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