Wolf dreamcatcher


      What is a dream catcher?

      Dream catchers are powerful tools of shamanic medicine, whose origin goes back to the tribes of the American Indians. Their ring represents the wheel of life, the net or mesh represents the dreams we weave during the time of dreams.

      According to tradition, these objects help us to keep positive ideas and pleasant dreams close to us, while protecting those who own them. Dream time is influenced by both positive and negative energies: these are trapped by the net and disappear through the central hole of the natural dream catcher along with the first rays of the sun.

      Wolf dream catcher origins

      There was a time in Native American history when people were tormented by nightmares.

      Elders and "healers" all tried to solve this problem on their own, but none of them made any progress against bad dreams. Then a council was held where all the people were called.

      During this council, an elder had a vision of a spider web in a hoop with a feather and a bead that would capture the bad dreams while letting the good dreams pass.

      The elders went to work shaping the dream catchers in the manner prescribed by the vision and when people started using them, the bad dreams went away.

      Decorate your room with a beautiful handmade wolf dreamcatcher

      The dream catcher guarantees you sweet nights. These relics were made by the Ojibwe, a group of native Amerindians. Our collection of wolf dream catchers are in the image of the wolf totem animal. Perceived as a teacher and spiritual guide, the wolf occupies an important place in Native American culture.

      These handmade dream catchers protect you from nightmares with the spirit of the wolf, which chases bad dreams out of your bedroom. During the day, the dream catcher diffuses a gentle and soothing energy into your home to bring you calm and serenity.

      Choose the best wolf dreamcatcher among the tribal wolf dreamcatcher, the 3D wolf dreamcatcher and other beautiful handcrafted pieces. The perfect decoration to hang in your room with a wolf statue on your bedside table.

      What is the wolf dream catcher made of?

      A dream catcher is composed of a net with ornaments such as wooden beads, shells, charms, gemstones, leather, feathers and more. The central part of the ring is woven with a sublime canvas on which a wolf is printed.

      Where to hang your wolf dreamcatcher?

      The dream catcher is usually hung in a bedroom, above a bed, above a door or sometimes next to a window. This protective relic acts as a filter that captures nightmares until dawn, when they will be destroyed by the first light of day.