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Each year many sub-species of the wolf (canis-lupus) are added to the official red list of endangered species provided by the IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature).

More than 60% of wolf subspecies are on this list. There are already many species that are totally extinct or whose population is less than a hundred individuals in captivity.


The objective of Wolf lovers is to actively participate in the preservation of wolf species. As wolf lovers for many years, we have decided to lead our own fight to actively participate in the protection of wolves, by sharing our passion.

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You are passionate, fascinated or even intrigued by these magnificent mammals? We offer you the opportunity to participate in the protection of the wolf while acquiring magnificent wolf items.

Every time you buy an item in our online shop Wolf Lovers, we donate 5% of the profits to associations and other projects in accordance with the protection of wolves.

Our main partner is WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) but we also make occasional donations to other associations.

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It has never been easier to participate in the conservation of the wolf

Help us spread the word! You can also easily participate to protect the wolf.

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