Wolf patch


      Sewn or iron-on, the wolf patch is ideal to customize a simple garment and add a personal touch! This accessory is not reserved for children

      Customize your clothing and add a little fantasy to it. This trend straight out of the 90s is inspired by the DIY. And if you don't know how to sew, don't panic, we have iron-on badges.

      Embroidered iron-on badges

      A wide choice of patches to customize your clothes. The patches are applied with a hot iron without steam.
      Discover our collection of wolf embroidered patches to apply on your clothes or on your wolf backpack. The patches are an original and easy to apply sign of distinction. They are also very practical to hide possible tears and holes in your t-shirts and pants. A practical way to give a second youth to your favorite worn-out pants.

      Wolf patches for all styles

      Choose the patch that suits your look from our collection. Made with premium materials, they are resistant and worked with many details. Whether you prefer a lone wolf patch, a wolf's head or a wolf cub patch, you're sure to find the patch that suits you. Many other fun designs and are embroidered on crests for your greatest pleasure! All you have to do is choose your own.
      You can also customize your phone with a wolf phone case.

      How to apply an iron-on patch?

      • Heat your iron according to the material of your fabric.
      • Place the garment on the ironing board and position the patch face sticky towards the fabric.
      • Cover the crest with or without a damp cloth (depending on the fabric) and then put the iron on for 30 seconds by exerting strong pressure.
      • Repeat the operation inside the garment if necessary.
      • Check that the crest is glued correctly.

      You can also sew on your patch to your clothes.