Wolf costumes


      Discover our wolf costumes for your whole pack

      If you're looking for an original costume, this is the one for you. This ferocious animal probably marked your childhood in the famous count of Little Red Riding Hood. Now it's your turn to slip into the skin of this animal with sharp fangs. Among our selection of wolf costumes, you will not only find terrifying models but also cute wolf costumes that will please both women and men.

      The wolf costumes are perfect for a carnival or theme party. To make your wolf costumes totally sensational, don't hesitate to complete your outfit with makeup. Made of resistant and comfortable fabric, wear your wolf costume and howl, dance and laugh all night long!

      From the simple wolf mask to the full wolf costume, you will find on our website many wolf items to disguise yourself as your favorite animal.

      Wolf disguises for children

      Match your children's outfits to your wolf costumes with our wolf costumes also available for the little ones. Essential costumes for the whole family to party!
      Opt for a cute full wolf disguise for your child to make your party or birthday party memorable.

      If you don't feel like wearing the full costume, you have the possibility to wear only one of our beautiful wolf masks.

      Disguise yourself as a werewolf!

      Do you like scary costumes? You've chosen werewolf costumes for Halloween but don't know where to get one? You've come to the right place! Our range of werewolf costumes is made for you. Find all our half-man half-wolf costumes and other accessories to become a real lycanthrope. Find a terrifying mask of this mythical creature among the largest selection of wolf costumes.

      Animal accessories to complete your wolf costume

      Now that you've chosen your costume, it's time to add some details to make your disguise more real. For this, you will need animal accessories. Whether it's a wolf tail, a wolf ears headband or one of the wolf paws gloves, find many accessories that will make you a real wolf.