Wolf onesie


      Opt for wolf pajamas, a garment that is both original and comfortable

      Discover our collection of wolf pajama suits for a unique and comfortable style. Pajamas for kids and adults so that the whole pack will be in the colors of your favorite animal.

      If you are looking for fun pajamas, this is the ideal garment that will delight your children and add cheerfulness to your wardrobe.

      The best styled onesie for men and women

      Whether you're looking for cute wolf pajamas in elegant and very feminine colors, or pajamas with the effigy of a proud leader of the pack for men, you'll find a variety of models with the effigy of the canine on our store.

      The animal onesie, an original gift idea

      Increasingly popular, animal onesies are the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas. This warm and soft garment is always practical and pleasant to wear. It will easily please young and adult alike. Forget boring gifts and opt for an original gift while contributing to the protection of wolves.

      Both surprising and fun, this gift is sure to please its recipient. Much more than a simple garment, you offer at the same time softness, warmth, comfort and well-being!


      The ideal cocooning garment in all circumstances

      Put on these ultra comfortable indoor pajamas during the winter, to get comfortable. Very ample and cut in warm and soft fabrics, our suits adapt perfectly to your morphology for your greatest comfort. No more stress! Get ready for cocooning moments of relaxation and comfort in your sofa or bed dressed in your favorite pajamas. Who wouldn't want the comfort of watching a Netflix series on their couch or playing with their little ones on a Sunday afternoon?

      The wolf pajamas will also be your best ally for a good night's sleep. Its softness will make you feel like you're falling asleep next to a beautiful wolf with soft and warm fur. The ideal garment for a restful night.

      When it's time to take off your wolf pajamas to get ready for your day, keep your totem animal at your side with wolf shoes, to assert your wild nature with sneakers bearing the effigy of your favorite animal.