Wolf socks


      Keep your feet comfortably warm with wolf socks

      What could be more comfortable than light and warm socks to keep your feet warm in the winter. Made of breathable materials, these socks can be worn all year round with your best shoes.
      Its soft cotton and polyester material guarantees you daily comfort to go on an adventure without ever having sore feet in your shoes.

      Various wolf print socks to match your style

      With a wolf's head, an arctic wolf or a wolf howling at full moon, we offer many models with the effigy of this incredible canine. Sublimate your look with this trendy accessory essential to your wardrobe for an original style that reflects your wild side.
      You're sure to find the model that suits you with our line of socks in one size that fits all feet! Our socks are available in one size and fit most feet up to size 46.

      And for more comfort, discover our wolf beanie collection.