Wolf figurine



Miniature animals are one of the favorite miniature figures of children. Toddlers will enjoy playing with their favorite animals and accessories in small sizes. Discover our collection of wolf figurines that will amaze your children and allow them to have hours of fun. Our wolf figurines are all sculpted with realistic details for educational playtime with their favorite animal.

At Wolf Stuff, you will find many figurines by unit or in batch that will delight your child. For his collection of plastic animals, you can, for example, offer him sets containing several wolves. Recreate various scenes such as the gathering of the pack of wolves howling at full moon.


If you are a wolf lover and a collector, you will probably love our wildlife figurines. Reconstruct scenes and landscapes with wolves with additional accessories that can be added to the wolf figurines. Everything is there to build a realistic wilderness setting.

The varied bestiary will allow you to collect many species and subspecies of wolves, among the most famous, the gray wolf, the Arctic wolf or the black wolf. Figures of small and large sizes to complete your collection.

Also discover our wolf toys collection that will delight kids and adults.

Bad Wolf Toys

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Gray Wolf Toy

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Wolf Family Toys

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Arctic Wolf Toy

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Big Wolf Toys

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Wolf Toy Pattern

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Giant Wolf Toy

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Howling Wolf Toy

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Ice Wolf Toy

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Creature Toy

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Big Bad Wolf Toy

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Black Wolf Toys

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Plastic Wolf Toys

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Wolf Pack Toys

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White Wolf Toy

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