Wolf temporary tattoo



      Some have taken the leap while others are still thinking about the various possibilities available to them. Nowadays, there are so many new tattoo styles and tattoo artists that it can be difficult to make a definitive choice before getting a tattoo for your first time especially when you know it is a long-term commitment.

      You don’t have any tattoos ideas? Don't think about it anymore! Our semi-permanent wolf tattoos will allow you to change your style as often as you like. Each art sticker can be easily applied and will stand from 4 to 12 days depending on the body part chosen and how often you wash them.

      There is no need to use a tattoo kit to apply it. Wherever you want to place them (arm tattoos, shoulder tattoo, full sleeve tattoo, chest tattoo, back tattoos…) they will perfectly fit you. As realistic as they are beautiful, each tattoo is meticulously crafted to perfectly match your style.

      All our wolf temporary tattoos are non-toxic to avoid allergic reactions and can be easily remove with a nail varnish remover.

      Choose the best tattoo that goes with your outfit. Choose one in sleeve size to reveal your inner wolf and impose your personality (nature) or a minimalist one. Test and see which parts of your body would be best for a real tattoo in the future.

      Explore our collection of tattoo designs: tattoos for women, men, black tattoo, full color, shaded tattoo, small tattoo, tribal wolf and so on.

       wolf temporary tattoos



      We have a wide choice of best tattoos with the effigy of the wolf designed by tattoo artist. Each fake tattoo is a body art to reveal your inner wild wolf. Whether you are looking for a black ink tattoo or colorful paw print tattoo, we have animal tattoos for girls and wolf design tattoos for men.

      If you want an American Native style, our dreamcatcher tattoos are perfect to enhance your bond with the spiritual guide of wolf totem animal.

      If you are looking for a rock’n roll style, our flower tattoo with a wolf head will definitely brings you an alternative look.

      For a raw style, choose the wolf tribal tattoo, these Polynesian sleeve tattoos are a symbol of power.

      Each part of your body can be covered with our ephemeral tattoos: ankle tattoo, half sleeve tattoo, back tattoo or even shoulder. You can easily remove the wolf tattoo to change your style as you want.

      Choose the one that reflects your wild spirit.