Wolf tooth necklace



The wolf tooth is considered a good luck charm that symbolizes power and courage. Wearing a wolf tooth or a wolf claw also means having the ability to master and tame your inner strength. The amulet therefore not only makes the wearer stronger but also more courageous. The strength of the wolf becomes a spiritual force for facing life's adversities.

This wolf bone necklace was highly prized by the Nordic civilizations who saw in the wolf a symbol of power and ferocity. Many warriors wore a necklace with a wolf tooth to obtain a beastly strength that would terrorize their enemies.

In Native American culture, the wolf tooth is a symbol of spirituality and communion. It is a proof of the union with the spirit of the wolf, recognized as a teacher of life by Native American tribes. Courage, strength, freedom and a deep bond with family were the values attributed to the wolf.

A cool wolf necklace with meaning to wear every day which perfectly matches with beautiful wolf earrings.



Strange as it may seem, it is not necessary to have a real wolf tooth to make a wolf tooth necklace.

The power of the wolf tooth necklace lies above all in its symbolism. Whether it is made of black obsidian stone, resin, wood or steel, the strength of this relic comes from the meaning you give it.

If by chance you find a real wolf tooth, all you have to do is drill a small hole in it to pass a steel cord or chain through it. You can also decorate your wolf tooth necklace with ornaments such as pearls that will remind you of Native American culture.



If you do not have the necessary material to make your necklace, you can buy wolf teeth necklaces. We offer a wide selection of wolf tooth pendants made by our craftsmen. Many models are available in different materials.

All the fangs and claws are obtained naturally from our partners , or, are replicas made of resin.