Wolf Statue


The wolf statue, an essential decorative element in your home

For the decoration of your interior, discover a multitude of statues or statuettes of plain or multicolored colors, out of wood, resin, metal, etc... Like the wolf, these animal statues are essential decorative objects to embellish your home or make a gift.

Our wolf statues are available in many variations, wolf skull, Native American wolf, geometrical wolf statue or abstract wolf statue. Buy the wolf statue that will fit perfectly with the decoration of your home. Place it on a piece of furniture, on your desk or in your hallway to create a relaxing atmosphere with an original animal decoration! Ideal as a complement to a magnificent framed wolf poster.

High quality wolf statues

Our wolf statuettes are hand painted for an exceptional rendering and bright colors that do not tarnish over time. These exceptional pieces of different sizes are an ideal gift for wolf lovers. The beauty of our statues lies not only in their finish but also in their symbolism. Indeed, the wolf symbolizes courage, freedom and wisdom. A decoration full of meaning with the effigy of your values.

Ceramic Wolf Statue

from 39.99 $

Dire Wolf Statue

59.99 $ 69.99 $

Wolf Head Statue

69.99 $ 79.99 $

Large Wolf Statue

from 199.99 $

Big Wolf Statue

99.99 $ 139.99 $

Steampunk Wolf Statue

149.99 $ 219.99 $

Wooden Wolf Statue

169.99 $ 199.99 $

Wolf Bronze Statue

99.99 $ 119.99 $

Outdoor Wolf Statue

199.99 $ 279.99 $

Geometric Wolf Statue

169.99 $ 199.99 $

Skull Statue

39.99 $ 49.99 $