Wolf tapestry



      Very trendy, the wolf tapestry is a must-have decoration. Ethnically inspired, this painting printed on fabric makes your mind travel around the world without moving from your sofa or bed. Whether in the living room, the office, the bedroom, the entrance or the dining room, this wall tapestry will dress up your home and add depth to the room. Our wall tapestries are also ideal to decorate your room as a complement to your wolf bed set. Choose the tapestry with your animal totem that fits perfectly in your interior decoration to add an original touch to your home.

      In addition to embellishing your walls, the decorative wall canvas brings well-being and positive energy in your living rooms as soon as wolf dream catcher. The perfect decoration to stay zen despite the daily worries.

      The wolf has always been a symbol of wisdom in Native American culture, but also a symbol of courage, freedom and loyalty to one's family. It is therefore a meaningful decoration that elegantly adorns your home and reminds you of the common values you share with the wolf. An interior decoration in your image that will not go unnoticed!


      The wolf tapestry offers an ideal solution for all those who wish to decorate a room quickly, easily and at a small price. This large fabric, with a wolf pattern of your choice, can be hung from the ceiling, hung on a wall, used as a partition between two rooms or as curtains at your windows. There are endless possibilities of decorating with a tapestry, your imagination is your only limit. 


      To hang a tapestry, there are different methods according to the materials of your walls and the place where you want to put it.

      To fix your tapestry on a plaster wall, you will only need a few pins or small nails. The number of pins will depend on the size of the fabric to be stretched. For example, four pins are enough to hang a small square tapestry.

      If you cannot make a hole in your wall, you can use a double-sided tape. In this case, pull a strip of adhesive on all four sides of the tapestry and fix it to the wall. Make sure to tighten it.