Wolf ring


Meaning of the wolf ring

In the past, people used to wear wolf ornament as a symbol of their strength and courage. In the primitive age these accessories were perceived as trophies (wolf bones or fangs). The man who wore the most jewelery made from animal bones, such as a wolf tooth necklace, was considered the most powerful and courageous.

Over the years, the jewelery abandoned fangs and claws to use qualitative materials such as gold rings and silver rings. Feared and respected at the same time, this majestic beast symbolizes the bravery, loyalty, intelligence and freedom. Thus, the Native American tribes devoted a true cult to the wolf. They considered it as a spiritual guide and crafted many jewels in their effigy.

Today, jewelers continue to design magnificent wolf rings with multiple meanings. Whether for a promise ring, a symbol of family ties, a wedding ring or any other meaning.

The symbolism of wolf jewelry is very strong, the animal reflects the character of its owner. It is generally attributed with a great sense of loyalty, remarkable intelligence, and unfailing courage.

It is the perfect gift for all wild spirits!

 wolf rings

Man wolf ring

Mens rings with the effigy of the wolf are often representative of strength and courage. Wolf rings for men goes perfectly with a biker ring, a skull rings, or a raw, rock or vintage style. To assert your character, prefer a stainless steel signet ring with a wolf's head, to challenge the gaze of your opponents.

If you are looking for a more elegant style, we have a wide choice of silver and gold plated rings that will dress up any style.


Woman wolf ring

The wolf is a symbol of spirituality, wearing a wolf ring allows you to awaken your inner knowledge and freedom of spirit. A symbolic and useful accessory to embellish your ornament with beautiful pendants necklaces and a wolf bracelet of all kinds. You can also opt for a wolf ring in gemstones to attract the benefits of semi precious natural stone such as agate, labradorite, tiger eye, amethyst, black onyx ring, aquamarine, blue topaz, red garnet...

Don't forget to consult our ring size chart to find the size that will perfectly fit you.


What wolf rings are made of

Our collection of rings is forged with quality materials of all kinds: rhodium, silver plated, 925 sterling silver, 316L stainless steel ring, gold plated, black titanium rings, blue carbon etc. The materials are worked with great precision to make rings with many details.


  • Stainless Steel rings

Known for their durability and chlorine resistance, our stainless steel jewelry cannot be oxidized. It will keep the brightness of the steel intact. We also have a large choice of other variants ring styles including: black carbon ring, black stainless steel rings, wood rings, cobalt chrome…


  • Silver rings

If you’re not comfortable with silver plated rings, our 925 silver sterling rings will convince you. This material is well known for its various advantages. It is a perfect material, resistant as well as it's comfortable to wear.

925 sterling silver is also known for its brilliant gray color, making any piece of jewelery extremely refined. It’s one of the must-have fashion accessories.

Paw Print Ring

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Animal Head Ring

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Silver Wolf Ring

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Celtic Wolf Ring

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Vintage Wolf Ring

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