Wolf backpack


      Easily carry all your personal belongings and stuff with the wolf backpack

      Equipped with numerous storage pockets for your notebooks, laptops, meals and phone, our backpacks are functional to allow you to take your essentials with you.

      Our bags are also equipped with a small front pocket to easily reach your most important items. You can even store your keys or your wolf wallet. They also have an earphone hole on the top to listen to your favorite music while you comfortably carry your backpack with its padded back and straps.

      A must-have accessory to accompany you everywhere on your travels or at school!

      A comfortable and stylish backpack

      In addition to its large storage pocket, this multi-purpose bag is made of polyester and nylon for maximum comfort while being resistant to wear and perfectly waterproof.

      If you're a wolf fan, you'll love our uniquely designed backpacks. Printed in high definition with intense colors, choose among the many models of bags featuring this animal belonging to the canine family. You can also personalize your bag with a wolf patch.

      Go back to school in style with a wolf backpack

      If you want to give your child a nice gift for the first day of school, then what better than a wolf bag? Mixed, they are suitable for both boys and girls.

      Very light and comfortable, they preserve your child's back, even when your child will have to carry a lot of books and notebooks.