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Wolves are incredibly strong, intelligent and have absolutely fascinating instincts. For this reason, wolves are among the most respected and feared animals. Their wild looks and the fact that they can be dangerous, have led us to appreciate them even more.

Today we're going to tell you the fascinating story of a giant wolfhound called Yuki! This giant wolf dog is 87.5% wolf, 8.6% Siberian Husky and 3.9% German Shepherd. 

yuki giant wolf dog 


With a DNA mix of different breeds of wolves, 87.5% grey wolf, 8.6% Siberian husky and 3.9% German shepherd, it is no wonder that this Giant Wolfhound, called Yuki, has attracted media attention. With more than 120,000 followers on Instagram he is a true star.

Yuki is an incredibly majestic wolf-dog, but unfortunately has a tragic past. His former owner bought him from a breeder, but soon realized that he was an animal too big for him to handle. As a result, Yuki was left with a lonely shed, abandoned and left for dead when he was only 8 months old.

He was finally found Brittany Allen, who worked at Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Bored Panda. Fortunately Yuki was able to recover quickly from the tragedy he went through and at the animal center he immediately felt loved and safe.

Yuki's tragic story spread around the world and reached so many people. With his majestic look, he has also become an icon. 

is yuki the wolf dog still alive


After a photo at Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Florida, volunteer Brittany Allen posted the picture of her and Yuki on her Instagram account which buzzed within hours.
People quickly compared Yuki to the giant wolves of Game of Thrones. This helped to increase significantly her notoriety on social networks. A good way to rise people's awareness about wolves.

how big is the giant wolf dog


1. How big is Yuki the giant wolf dog?

This giant wolfhound is about 5,4 feet and 120 pounds! He is twice as heavy and twice as big as an ordinary wolf dog.
"Yuki is the largest animal at the shelter and one of the largest wolf dog in the world" the officials said.

2. The giant wolf dog diet

Yuki eats up to 9lbs (4kg) of raw meat four times a week, that's up to 36lbs (18kg) per week. That's not much compared to wild wolves who can eat up to 20 lbs (9kg) of meat at once.

3. How old is Yuki?

Yuki is 12 years old, so when he's not enjoying one of his favorite volunteers or not being fed, he spends his time relaxing in the sun. The Giant Wolfhound seems to be living a good wolf life.

4. Where does Yuki the giant wolf dog live?

The giant wolfhound lives at Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Florida.

The Shy Wolf Sanctuary is an animal shelter that rescues abandoned animals.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary director Jeremy Albrecht said, "Yuki is our most famous animal in the world, that's for sure."

With the additional interest that Yuki's fame has generated, the park hopes to expand to purchase more land to provide more space for the abandoned animals living in the park.

5. Is Yuki The wolf dog still alive?

Unfortunately, Yuki was diagnosed with cancer last year, but he remains in good spirits and happy with all the other animals at the shelter and his wolf Bella.

Brittany said: "Yuki comes is a very strong wolf dog. He shows no signs of pain."

Finally, huge wolf dog Yuki fought off cancer and is now healthy. 

THE MISSION OF "Shy Wolf Sanctuary"

"There are many more animals that we would like to save," said Albrecht. "

Founded in 2001, the Shy Wolf Sanctuary welcomes, each year, 60 animals rescued or bred in captivity. The mission of this non-profit organization is to reconnect people and animals through education. The staff and over 30 active volunteers work year-round not only to help abandoned animals, but also to raise awareness of the importance of protecting animals.

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Just like this organization, Wolf Lovers participates in raising awareness and protecting animals and especially wolves through our NGO support program and other wolf protection projects. If you would like to support the wolf cause, do not hesitate to discover our wolf gifts which will please all wolf fans while making a good action for these majestic animals. You can also check out 15 amazing facts about wolves.

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