Wolf blanket


      Wolf inspired sherpa blankets and fleece blankets

      Super-soft, warm and cozy, our blankets are exceptionally durable. Printed in bright, vibrant colors. Our luxurious sherpa blanket are made of high quality plush material, softer and warmer than usual blankets.

      Its soft and thick material invites to relaxation and comfort.The plaid in wool, cotton or fleece is a true multifunctional accessory, bed throw, sofa throw, travel and camping. It is an essential accessory in your home for maximum comfort while sublimating your decoration with a design in the effigy of the wolf. It has a great thermal insulation capacity to keep you warm, and offers you great comfort in cold winter.

      Make your living room, a space of relaxation with the wolf plaid

      Want to change your decoration or bring extra comfort to your living room?
      There are times of the year when we absolutely want to make our home warmer. We want comfort and warm blankets. The wolf blanket offers at the same time a great comfort while being accessories of decoration become impossible to circumvent.

      Whether you want to read a book in the warmth, watch a movie or enjoy a little nap in your sofa, the wolf blanket guarantees you a moment of relaxation and relaxation by bringing you softness and warmth. The plaid is an ideal gift idea to please your loved ones.

      And to finalize your cocooning space, hang a wolf dream catcher on your wall so that it can diffuse its good energies in your home.

      In which fabric are made our wolf blankets?

      The wolf print plaids are made from polyester and cotton, a soft, warm and durable fabric. This noble material will undoubtedly seduce you with its warmth and comfort. Select the plaid with the wolf pattern that best suits your desires and your interior from our collection composed with the utmost care.