Wolf Wall Art


      Discover our amazing wolf wall art printed on high quality canvas. The perfect decoration to enhance your home decor with the effigy of the wolf.

      What is a Canvas?

      Canvas is a wall support that can be made of 100% cotton of multiple weights, for example, at Wolf Lovers, print canvas is realized on 400g cotton or a cotton blended with polyester or linen. The canvas fabric makes possible the best adhesion of the color pigments for a wonderful result on a persistent substrate. The polyester and cotton canvas give moderately more glaring colors during the printing process, while the 100% cotton fabric guarantees a more hardy substrate.

      Once printed, the canvas can be mounted on a frame. A lot of sizes are available to correspond your requirements. At Wolf Lovers, we have myriad of wolf canvas for every interior and decorations to put your favorite photo on your wall: modern canvas, abstracts canvas, art canvas, big canvas or small canvas.

      Wolf wall art, a tool for photographic decoration

      Now that canvas has no more secrets for you, it's time to decorate your home with a wolf canvas.

      Canvas paintings are indeed one of the main uses of canvas. It is possible to print your favorite wolf pictures and mount them on a frame. These framed canvas maintains you to easily decorate your personal or professional spaces by enhancing them with a very modern style!

      Advantages of a wolf canvas in interior decoration

      Using a canvas print or a photo printed on paper for decorative aims does not have the same effect at all. To decorate your spaces, let's recap the features and advantages of canvas:

      • Canvas artwork has a special structure that remains visible even after printing, so a photo printed on canvas will have a more artistic look that is reminiscent of artists' paintings.
      • Painted canvas adds profundity to the colors.
      • Canvas paintings do not have a reflection problem, unlike glass.
      • Canvas is lighter and easier to handle.
      • Canvas is ultra-resistant and durable, permanent print.

      Which wolf wall art to choose?

      Whether you are impressed by nature and its varied landscapes, the greatest myths and legends in the effigy of the wolf, or abstract motifs and art, we have multifaceted choices of quality canvas prints to meet your desires.

      The best advice we could give you before choosing the painting you like is to be careful to vary hints and contrasts in order to create a likeable visual. Alternating the grades and tones of your accommodation will make your living room a corner with more enchantment and vitality.

      Which Wolf wall art to hang in your room?

      When we think about interior decoration, this applies to all the rooms in a house. Each living room is of central importance and each of them integrates its own atmosphere, its own mood.

      Embellishing your housing apartment is a touchy choice. In effect, it is generally the room that encloses the most personal objects and deserves the most privacy. For this room, which is special and superb, we suggest you to use ornamentation objects based on your character.

      Our online shop suggest plentiful styles and designs. Whether you deserve a rustic and nature vibe or a raw style. Attune your wall display as you want it to be.

      Don't underestimate the importance of your decoration the bedroom is sacred place! Beware whoever try to go inside your den!

      For a dreamlike design, we recommend you the wolf dream catcher design. This Native American workmanship is ultimate to preserve you from bad dreams while you sleep. Dream catchers ambush night torments in their circle and diffuse tremendous dreams in the sleeper's mind.

      Which wolf wall art to hang in your kitchen?

      Commonly, the wall decoration in this room is neglected. What a mistake! Having a well-decorated kitchen brings you creativity to cook your meals.

      Despite popular belief, canvas wall art is not only restricted for the living room or the bedrooms. In effect, any room can be decorated and should bring its own atmosphere.

      We propose you to opt for a large canvas to add shallowness to your kitchen. Nature photo on canvas will bring freshness and positive energy to your soul. For example, landscape painting or abstract landscape.

      Which wolf wall art to hang in your living room?

      Commonly, the living room is one of the most decorated rooms but also the place where you spend most of your time to relax. This is why it is important to provide some importance to your decor when you to create a nice ambiance in your home. We will help you to choose the good wolf painting for that room while being harmonious with the rest of your decoration like your wolf pillow.

      Our online shop proposes two original designs: a hand painted canvas or a printed canvas, framed or unframed, according to your wishes.

      With these photo canvas or oil painting canvas, you will be able to appropriate various different art sets according to the large range of rooms of your house or to create various vibes.

      Make sure to choose carefully your print on canvas in relation to the colors already present in your room in order to align the two. But as we saw earlier, also make sure to choose your wall art set according to the symbol you want to enhance!

      For example, a painting highlighting the mountain in which the wolves live or a pack of wolves would be ideal as it would bring a touch of travel and enhance your wild spirit but also symbolize represent loyalty and others characters traits given to the wolf.

      Which wolf wall art to hang in your office?

      Decorating your office can definitely enhance your concentration and well-being while reducing stress.

      The atmosphere in this room will also be primordial when you want to welcome visitors and potential customers. That's why your art wall decor must convey a crucial message such as your corporate image and frame of mind such as fighting spirit  or wisdom of the wolf.

      Most of the time, the wall spaces are too frequently empty, without any artwork and therefore not very stimulating. In effect, we suggest you to boost your workspace to the maximum by adding canvas printing. If you work in a team, include each member in the choice of the canvas prints.

      Through the paintings that you will put on your walls, you will be able to put forward the morale or the main aspiration that you have in your daily life within your person or your company. Exhibiting it will help you to never get over "why" you are doing all this thing and it will help you to keep high spirits and above all discipline in the long run.

      Which wolf wall art to buy?

      We have widely wall art sizes, canvas pictures and framed canvas prints with the highest quality standards to offer you a lot of wolf decorations.

      • Geometric Wolf wall art

      This is one is the preferred wall art prints of the faithful members of our pack. Through its colorful nuances and various shapes, it is realized to make any person travel who wishes to make his lair a place symbolizing freedom and serenity.

      • Painting Wolf's Head

      This framed canvas art is optimal to hang on a large wall. With this painting on canvas, this howling wolf adds a unique touch to your decoration.

      • Black and White Wolf wall art

      Through this black and white wall art, make your home a place that symbolizes your passion for wolves and their powerful strength of character.

      • Colored Wolf wall art

      Make your home a place full of warmth with multicolored nuances to display great creativity filled with uniqueness.

      • Werewolf wall art

      Make your den a place full of secrets, don't tell anyone what kind of print wall art appears there. Decorating your home with this werewolf canvas picture drawing is to show your discordance with the world around you, symbolizing the inhumanity of the night and the kindness of the day.

      Wolf wall art designs

      Photo prints, abstract canvas art, triptych, framed canvas prints, animal canvas, photos on canvas, modern or contemporary, white or rather black or abstract, there are multifaceted ways to establish an atmosphere that suits you.

      Would you like to solidify your bond with the animal totem of the wolf? We also have other collections of wolf-inspired items to show your wild nature.

      How to decorate your home with wolf wall art?

      When we talk about interior decoration, we frequently associate it with embellishing your art wall with piece of art like photo framed art, sticker or simple printed canvas, but you can go deeper and create a unique atmosphere.

      Indeed, there are many opportunities to decorate the interior of a house but you don't always know how to do to have a consistent decoration with your home.

      Note that an amazing interior design is a set of things that blend together in oneness such as different materials, colors, fabrics, furniture, ...

      Also take into account the importance of having good light as soon as you enter a room. Obviously, some will be more important than others when it comes to enhance the decoration of your den.

      So make sure you have quality lighting to get the right light and brightness.

      We explain all this in our collection dedicated to decoration. Of course, always bringing a little wild and natural touch for a more wolf like decoration!