Wolf jewelry

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Leather Wolf BraceletLeather Wolf Bracelet

Leather Wolf Bracelet

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Vintage Wolf RingVintage Wolf Ring

Vintage Wolf Ring

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Silver Wolf NecklaceSilver Wolf Necklace

Silver Wolf Necklace

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Indian Wolf NecklaceIndian Wolf Necklace

Indian Wolf Necklace

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Wolf Charm Bracelet

Wolf Charm Bracelet

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Amethyst Wolf NecklaceAmethyst Wolf Necklace

Amethyst Wolf Necklace

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Wolf Tooth LocketWolf Tooth Locket

Wolf Tooth Locket

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Native American Wolf Tooth Necklace
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Fang braceletFang bracelet

Fang Bracelet

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Native American Wolf BraceletNative American Wolf Bracelet

Native American Wolf Bracelet

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Dire Wolf Tooth NecklaceDire Wolf Tooth Necklace

Dire Wolf Tooth Necklace

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Yin Yang RingYin Yang Ring

Yin Yang Ring

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Save a Wolf BraceletSave a Wolf Bracelet

Save a Wolf Bracelet

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Native American Wedding RingNative American Wedding Ring
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Black Obsidian Wolf NecklaceBlack Obsidian Wolf Necklace

Black Obsidian Wolf Necklace

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Lone Wolf Ring

Lone Wolf Ring

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Sterling silver wolf cufflinksSterling silver wolf cufflinks

Sterling Silver Wolf Cufflinks

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Black Wolf Tooth Necklace

Black Wolf Tooth Necklace

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Moon Wolf NecklaceMoon Wolf Necklace

Moon Wolf Necklace

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Crystal Wolf Tooth NecklaceCrystal Wolf Tooth Necklace

Crystal Wolf Tooth Necklace

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Authentic Wolf Tooth NecklaceAuthentic Wolf Tooth Necklace

Wolf Tooth Pendant Necklace

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Moon Wolf Necklace Glow in the DarkMoon Wolf Necklace Glow in the Dark

Moon Wolf Necklace Glow in the Dark

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Yin Yang Wolf PendantYin Yang Wolf Pendant

Yin Yang Wolf Pendant

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Crescent Moon Wolf NecklaceCrescent Moon Wolf Necklace

Crescent Moon Wolf Necklace

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