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Explore our collection of stunning wolf rings, crafted from the finest materials and designed to make a statement. From sleek and modern designs to intricate and detailed styles, we have a wolf ring to suit every taste. Each ring is made with care and attention to detail, ensuring that it will be a cherished piece for years to come. Perfect as a gift for yourself or a loved one, our wolf rings are sure to be treasured.

Wolf rings, a timeless jewel with a strong meaning

The ring has a powerful power to adorn the hand and the whole look. It conveys your values and expresses your personality.

If you are a wolf lover, our online store offers you the widest choice of top quality wolf rings forged from 316L stainless steel and sterling silver carefully made with meticulous details and fine materials. Whether you want to show your love for this animal totem, or, to offer the perfect gift, the wolf ring for women and men is a must-have jewel.

Each ring is available in a variety of sizes with free shipping to offer the best wolf rings at affordable prices. With a unique animal ring, be sure to grab attention

What does a wolf ring means?

Since the dawn of time, the wolf has fascinated men. This legendary animal is a symbol of freedom, independence, strength and intelligence. Guided by its natural instinct, it does not let anyone dominate it, and it protects its pack by all means, even at the risk of its life.

These values have given him an almost mythical status in many civilizations throughout the ages. The legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, were fed by a she-wolf. Viking clans, wolf-hunting tribes, even the Stark family of Game of Thrones have made it their symbol of power. Wearing a signet ring or a wolf's head ring gave them the courage and luck they needed to win in battle or return victorious from a dangerous hunt.

In the past, people used to wear wolf ornament as a symbol of their strength and courage. In the primitive age, these accessories were perceived as trophies (wolf bones or fangs). The man who wore the most jewelry made from animal bones, such as a wolf tooth necklace, was considered the most powerful and courageous.

Over the years, the jewelery abandoned fangs and claws to use qualitative materials such as gold rings and silver rings. Feared and respected at the same time, this majestic beast symbolizes the bravery, loyalty, intelligence and freedom. Thus, the Native American tribes devoted a true cult to the wolf. They considered it as a spiritual guide and crafted many jewels in their effigy.

Today, jewelers continue to design magnificent wolf rings with multiple meanings. Whether for a promise ring, a symbol of family ties, a wedding ring or any other meaning.

The symbolism of wolf jewelry is very strong, the animal reflects the character of its owner. It is generally attributed with a great sense of loyalty, remarkable intelligence, and unfailing courage.

It is the perfect gift for all wild spirits! Whether you are looking for a wolf ring for men, a wolf ring for women, for yourself or for the pleasure of offering a wolf head ring gift, you are in the right place. Our wolf jewelry is sure to delight you! 

wolf rings

Why wear a wolf ring?

A ring with a unique identity

Animal rings have always been popular for their symbolism and unique style. They reflect the character of its wearer while adding an original touch to your style. In many countries around the world, wearing a wolf ring can mean that you are a free spirit, or, that you are a person of valor and fighting spirit.

The reality is that people wear wolf jewelry for completely different reasons. While some wear them to accentuate their manhood, others to provide protection, or to express their love for wolves, it is up to each individual to determine the meaning of their ring. Women who wear wolf jewelry may choose to wear it for the same reasons as men. They may seek to exude a sense of power or ferocity, or they may perceive it as a touch of whimsy in their outfit. The image of the family bond that is very present in the wolf is also one of the values that appeals to many and is reflected in a ring with a she-wolf and her cub

For the many representations of the wolf that we mentioned earlier, this jewel is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated by men and women.

The wolf ring dresses up your style

A ring will either be able to give an identity to your style if you wear simple clothes without any particular logo or design on it, or accentuate your style with a wolf head around the finger. It draws attention in the right way and is a real plus to complete your outfit.

The wolf is one of the most attractive and trendy animals, but for some people, wolf jewelry is more than just a bold accessory. With its deep meanings and exceptional versatility, wolf jewelry promises to remain a popular trend for a long time.

In fact, there has recently been a new craze for wolves and what they represent, especially for their appearance in the Game of Thrones series featuring dire wolves. But also more recently in the video game series "Dark souls 3" or "The Witcher", whose main hero wears a wolf talisman.

Man wolf ring

Mens rings with the effigy of the wolf are often representative of strength and courage. Wolf rings for men goes perfectly with a biker ring, a skull rings, or a raw, rock or vintage style. To assert your character, prefer a stainless steel signet ring with a wolf's head, to challenge the gaze of your opponents.

If you are looking for a more elegant style, we have a wide choice of silver and gold plated rings that will dress up any style.

Womens wolf ring

The wolf is a symbol of spirituality, wearing a wolf ring allows you to awaken your inner knowledge and freedom of spirit. A symbolic and useful accessory to embellish your ornament with beautiful pendants necklaces and a wolf bracelet of all kinds. You can also opt for a wolf ring in gemstones to attract the benefits of semi precious natural stone such as agate, labradorite, tiger eye, amethyst, black onyx ring, aquamarine, blue topaz, red garnet...

Don't forget to consult our ring size chart to find the size that will perfectly fit you.

What wolf rings are made of

Our collection of rings is forged with quality materials of all kinds: rhodium, silver plated, 925 sterling silver, 316L stainless steel ring, gold plated, black titanium rings, blue carbon etc. The materials are worked with great precision to make rings with many details. 

  • Stainless Steel rings

Known for their durability and chlorine resistance, our stainless steel jewelry cannot be oxidized. It will keep the brightness of the steel intact. We also have a large choice of other variants ring styles including: black carbon ring, black stainless steel rings, wood rings, cobalt chrome…

  • Silver rings

If you’re not comfortable with silver plated rings, our 925 silver sterling rings will convince you. This material is well known for its various advantages. It is a perfect material, resistant as well as it's comfortable to wear.

925 sterling silver is also known for its brilliant gray color, making any piece of jewelery extremely refined. It’s one of the must-have fashion accessories.

How to clean a wolf ring?

Sometimes silver rings lose their luster or blacken over time, depending on our attention to the ring and the care we apply. If we store the rings separately in a box or cloth, in a dry place and not exposed to light, and clean them with clean suede beforehand, the rings will be well taken care of and will keep Luster. On the other hand, many times because of rush or any other reason, we did not follow proper care or as good as we hoped. That's when it causes those brightness losses or they turn black.

But don't worry, here are our best tips to clean your silver wolf rings. With some small but useful tips, it’s very easy to learn how to clean a silver ring. You can do it yourself at home, you don't need very complicated or expensive appliances or products, so you will no longer have a reason to show off your clean and shiny ring. Remember, for certain types of rings, those with special value or very delicate rings, it is best to take them to a professional expert. This will ensure that your ring will not be damaged or scratched.

  • White vinegar: Soak your jewelry in a glass of white vinegar for about 2 hours. Then rinse with warm water and wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Beer: Soak your jewelry overnight in a large glass of beer, rinse and wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Baking soda: Melt baking soda in a coffee cup of water, then dip your very soft toothpick in it and rub gently.

How to choose your wolf ring according to your finger morphology?

When choosing a ring, consider the size of the palm and the shape of your fingers. Modern men's fashion allows for jewelry to be worn on any finger, including the pinky and thumb.

If you have long, slender fingers, it's best to choose rings that are wide, but not thick. You should opt for large rings and rings with a solid texture.

Massive, elegant wolf rings work well on short, thick fingers. Large and massive rings will emphasize the specificity of these fingers. You should be aware that you should choose a ring that is a little less wide. A tight-fitting ring will look like it cuts into the finger, which will visually further reduce a short phalanx.

How to wear a wolf ring?

There are two ways to wear your wolf ring: with the wolf's head facing you, or, with the wolf's head facing out. There is no 100% correct "rule" about the orientation of your ring, however, the way you wear your wolf ring will determine the message you want to convey to others. Most men wear a ring in a way that is clearly visible to onlookers, i.e., the direction of the ring is outward, toward other people.

The orientation of the wolf's head towards the others is a sign of power, of confrontation. It's a sign of your boldness and leadership. A style that appeals to bikers, who see in the wolf, an embodiment of power. Wearing a wolf ring with the head turned towards you is a symbol of wisdom and freedom, you are one with the spirit of the wolf.

By now, you should be able to know how to choose your wolf ring based on your body type and how to wear it.