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Unlike vampires or zombies, we could easily think that lycanthropes don't get all the affection they deserve from Hollywood. Yet these 15 feature films, some of the best werewolf movies ever made, may change your mind.🎬

Cult werewolf movies must be watched by all fans of the genre. We will see together in this top the movies that you must absolutely watch if you are a fan of lycans.

Even though the folk creature is often portrayed as a ferocious, bloodthirsty beast in horror movies, the trend has been evolving in recent years to explore new perspectives. Make yourself comfortable, put on your half wolf shirt, here we go!

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Remake of the 1941 film that laid the foundations of the genre, The WolfMan tells the story of Lawrence Talbot, an actor struck by a terrible family illness that will lead him to murder, via an asylum. A beautiful homage to the classic, even the make-up of Benicio del Toro evokes that of Lon Chaney, the very first werewolf in cinema.

the wolf man



With this feature film full of amusing nods to the mythology of the werewolf and to cinema in general, the late horror master Wes Craven modernizes most clichés of the genre, notably featuring a woman with lycanthropy (which is rarer), and turning this supernatural curse into an infection.😷



Red Riding Hood tries to modernize the terrifying story for children to bring it up to date. Between romance and thrills, the film will appeal especially to teenagers.

Following the example of the famous Red Riding Hood tale, the film tells the story of a small farming village attacked by a werewolf who has been roaming and terrorizing the region for decades on full moon nights.🌕 But this time, it seems obvious that the animal is in fact a member of the village.

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Since he has the power to transform himself into a half-man half-wolf creature, Sergeant Lou Garou, a lazy, incompetent, alcoholic police officer working for the small town of Woodhaven, has become nothing less than the Dirty Harry of lycanthropists. Never taking himself seriously with his trashy humor.

wolf cop  


Inspired by a novel by Stephen King called "Cycle of the Werewolf". The particularity of this film is to confront the werewolf terrorizing the small community of Tarker's Mills with an 11-year-old disabled boy, whose wheelchair modified into a racing car is nicknamed "Silver Bullet", a reference to the only effective method to get rid of a lycanthrope.

silver bullet movie


With Jack Nicholson in the lead role, this 1994 feature film transposes the behavior of the pack to the business world, where, bitten by a huge wolf, publisher Will Randall will get back on track and prove to the young man who stole his job and his wife that he is still an alpha male.🐺

wolf 1994 movie


Ginger, the eldest of the Fitzgerald sisters, will see her body gradually change because of puberty, but also because she was scratched by a giant wolf roaming the Ontario suburbs. Making up for her lack of budget with a lot of imagination, this Canadian production succeeds in taking a new and fundamentally original look at an often-exploited theme.

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Sent to the Scottish forest for a simple military exercise, Sergeant Harry Wells' squadron will have an unpleasant surprise when they realize that they are in fact on the hunting ground of not one, but a whole pack of werewolves. Restoring their terrifying and bloodthirsty appearance to these nightmare creatures, Dog Soldiers is a must for all fans of the genre.

dog soldiers 


In this opus, the monster hunter Van Helsing is called to Transylvania to get rid of Dracula.🧛 He will also have to face werewolves, vampires and will meet Frankenstein's monster.

If you are looking for action and fighting between your favorite mythical creatures, this movie should appeal to you. In addition to its outdated special effects and a scenario that won't transcend you, it's nice to be able to find the werewolf in this movie.

van heilsing movie


Investigating a serial killer, the star journalist of Channel 6, Karen White, will come to wonder if the culprit is not a lycanthrope, before falling into the clutches of a secret society composed of a dozen werewolves. This cult film will have no less than 7 sequels over the years, making it the most prolific franchise of the genre.

the howling movie


Here is a film, which, once again, will divide. A subtle blend of horror, musical comedy and fantasy, this ambitious film uses the codes of the monster movie to sketch a critique of Brazilian society.🇧🇷

The narrative wraps around a tumultuous love story between two women, while revisiting the popular imagery of the werewolf. The second half focuses mainly on the mother-son relationship where the maternal presence preserves the young lycanthrope's murderous instincts. Both modern and confusing, this film will not leave you indifferent in any case!

good manners movie


This saga has largely divided the spectators! However, we could not fail to quote it! Between vampires and werewolf, this film tells us the story of Isabella Swan, a high school girl who falls under the spell... of a vampire! And what about werewolves in all this? Well, chance does the trick since one of her friends discovers powers that allow him to transform himself into a wolf.

A romantic story in a fantasy world that is at least worth watching to make up your own mind.

twilight werewolf


In addition to giving them common origins, this werewolf movie had the excellent idea of pitting vampires against werewolves, but it wasn't until the third part of the franchise that we learned how the Lycans, kept in slavery, revolted against their masters, giving rise to a conflict between the two species that has been raging for centuries.

An entertaining movie that will delight werewolf fans!

underworld rise of the lycans


Teen Wolf is an American television series created by Jeff Davis, broadcast on MTV since June 6, 2011 in the United States.

The series tells us the story of a high school student, Scott McCall, who is attacked by a huge wild beast. He gets away with a bite to the abdomen, but soon discovers that he has become a werewolf. He must balance his new identity with the many dangers it poses to his teenage life.

Far from the cliché often reproached in the film Twilight, it's easy to get bored with the game. Young and very promising actors and a touch of humor that will make you want to watch the sequel without further ado.

teen wolf


Bitten by a wild beast in the English countryside, a travelling American student will bring the curse back to the very heart of the City of London. With its clever blend of humor and horror, and one of the most spectacular transformations ever seen in cinema, this John Landis classic remains, to this day, one of the best werewolf film of all time.

an american werewolf in london


After watching our top 15 werewolf movies, this mythical creature will no longer hold any secrets for you!  Tell us what's your favorite werewolf movie in the comments section below. You can also check out our top 10 wolf movies.

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