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Do you like wolves and movies? Are you looking for a film with wolves, an animal documentary or a cartoon? You've come to the right place.

In this article we propose you to discover 10 wolf movies. In this classification we will take into account films, series, anime and documentaries, which include a wolf in their plot.

You can read without fear, our blog article is guaranteed spoil free! Grab your popcorn, your drink and your blanket, here are the wolf movies not to be missed.🍿

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A movie that will delight wolf lovers! It tells us the story of a young student from Beijing sent to Mongolia to "educate" the local population. He is immediately fascinated by the wolf, an animal that also inhabits the region. He comes up against the local populations whose farms are targeted by the wolf and the authorities who suddenly decide to eliminate the wolves from the region.

It is worth seeing for its beautiful landscapes!

 wolf totem movie


We haven't forgotten children for their greatest pleasure! The cartoon Alpha and Omega tells us the story of Kate and Humphrey, two wolves captured and taken thousands of miles from home. He is an Omega wolf who lives only for fun, and she is a disciplined Alpha dominant wolf. They will have to overcome their differences and embark on a journey full of pitfalls.

Colorful and funny, this wolf cartoon will undoubtedly delight children who will marvel at these cute wolves.🐺

alpha and omega movie 


This Spanish movie tells us the story of Marcos isolated from the world in the middle of nature and mountains after being sold into slavery by his father. He finally joins a wolf pack and will live for twelve years among this pack. Totally cut off from all human contact, the boy grows up in the wild and lives like a wolf child, adopted by his canine hosts.

A two-hour wolf adventure movie that plunges you into the heart of a wolf pack whose scenes with the animals are simply superb.

 among wolves movie


In 18th century France, the knight of Fronsac  and his Native American friend from the Mohawk tribe are sent to investigate a hundred murders committed by a mysterious beast resembling a wolf. They are given the heavy task of killing the animal and bringing calm and order to the region.💀

This film is inspired by the story of the beast of Gévaudan, a ferocious and giant wolf that has brought chaos to the French province of the same name.

This movie presents the characteristics of a daring thriller that will entertain you all night long!

 brotherhood of the wolf


An adventure as exciting as it was marvelous that marked the years 1990. Released on October 16, 1991, White Fang, a movie directed by Randal Kleiser, adapted from Jack London's 1906 novel, tells the moving story of the friendship between a young gold digger and a wolfhound.

Jack Conroy tries the adventure in Canada, after inheriting a small concession. After bad encounters in various adventures, he meets White Fang, a wolf-dog raised by an Indian and trained to work. The scenario of "White Fang" draws a parallel between the animal world, violent in essence, and the human universe, which is no less violent.

If this movie reminds you of your childhood, you'll definitely love our white fang bracelet.

 white fanf movie


This magnificent Thriller by Joe Camahan features the famous Liam Neeson in a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire 2 hours!

This movie tells the story of John Ottway, an employee of an oil company, and protects the drilling employees from attacks by wild animals. When the flight to Anchorage that he takes with his colleagues crashes in the vastness of the Great North.✈️ The few survivors know that they have little chance of getting out. No one will find them and the wolves have already spotted them.

Beyond the hunt of wolves to chase strangers from their territory, the film "THE GREY" takes us to the ends of the world to discover what is inside each of us.

 the grey movie


This film tells the story of the budding friendship between a young man and a wolf, in the heart of the fascinating deserts of the Paleolithic era. The plot of Alpha takes place twenty millennia before our era on the territory of Europe in the Mongolian steppe, the Scottish Highlands, the Mojave Desert and the snowy mountains of the Himalayas.🏔️

During a buffalo hunt, the young Keda is left for dead by his inconsolable father and his companions. Miraculously, he is almost devoured by a pack of wolves. Before managing to domesticate one of the canids, which he named Alpha.

Canis lupus and homo sapiens sapiens will make common cause to help Keda to find his family.

A moving wolf film that tells the story of the mutual taming of man and wolf. Surprising and gripping, the story of Alpha will take you on a journey through sublime landscapes and whose gripping plot will move you as well as fill you with wonder.

 alpha movie


This is a well known cartoon that will particularly appeal to fans of the Japanese "Manga" style. In addition to its cartoon design, Princess Mononoke deals with much more mature subjects around ecology.🌿

Princess Mononoke is an animated film from the Ghili studios released in 2000 and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

The story takes place in medieval Japan, during the Muromachi era (1333-1568). Wounded by a monstrous creature, a young prince goes in search of the remedy that could save him. During his journey, he will meet the Princess Mononoke who lives in perfect osmosis with nature, within a pack of wolves.

This anime highlights the epic balance of power between man and nature. At the heart of the story, its hero, Ashitaka, takes alternately sides with man and animals, having the concern to protect the forest but also understanding the vital interests of blacksmiths, in a vision that would reconcile man and nature.
A beautiful lesson in life that leaves something to think about!

 princess mononoke movie


The first season of the series from the books of George R. R. Martin was broadcast on HBO in April 2011. Since then, 7 other seasons have been released. Each one was between 6 and 10 episodes. In this famous TV show, we discovered the house Stark represented by the direwolf! Although the main plot does not revolve around wolves, they occupy a prominent place in the series, and we follow their evolution with great pleasure.

The story of the series, set on the fictional continents of Westeros, intertwines three great plots. The first plot tells the story of Jon Snow and the growing threat of the approaching winter, mythical and legendary creatures from north of the Wall of Westeros that separates the Kingdom of the Seven Crowns from the threat beyond.⚔️

The second plot tells the story of Daenerys Targaryen's journey south of Essos, the last exiled representative of the fallen dynasty to retake the Iron Throne, symbol of absolute power.

The third plot tells the story of the members of several noble families in a civil war to conquer the Iron Throne from the Kingdom of the Seven Crowns.

Game of Thrones is THE series that divides your buddies, occupies your evenings for a few months, and makes you go through all the emotions. In the kingdom of Westeros, war and power games reign supreme.

A beautiful melting pot of fantastic creatures, wolves, epic medieval battles and perpetual twists and turns. Game of Thrones is a TV series for those who are not afraid of blood and who are not cold-blooded! If you haven't yet discovered the adventures of the Stark, Lannister and other Targaryen, it's not too late.

And for all fans of the series, prove your allegiance to the house Stark with the Games of Thrones wolf necklace and the Stark wolf ring!

 game of thrones movie


A film that is more like a documentary filmed by Andrew Simpson, a renowned animal trainer that have trained wolves for famous series and movies such has Game of Thrones, Wolf Totem and The Revenant.

Immersed in the cold regions of Siberia, this documentary allows us to follow a pack of wolves from day to day and to study their behavior in the wilderness and hostile lands.

Far from the terrifying misperception that many people have of the wolf, this documentary shows us a completely different side of this loyal, caring and wise animal that shares a deep bond with man.

This movie will make you smile, laugh and cry! A wolf documentary that everyone should see.🏆

 wolves unleashed movie


We have just given you the 10 movies with wolves in the plot.🎥  Each of the productions we have listed is one of the classics you should definitely check out if you are a wolf fanatic. For more thrills, you can also discover our top 15 werewolf movies!

Tell us your favorite wolf movie in the comments.

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