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wolf tattoo


Tattoos are a body art allowing you to show a part of your personality to the rest of the world. A wolf tattoo can have different meanings depending on who wears it. The meaning of wolf tattoos highlights the characteristics of this animal. In some cultures, wolves are predators of the night, hunting and watching for our worst nightmares. In others, they are noble warriors, great pack leaders and protectors of the innocent. With such a variety of reputations, the wolf is one of the most popular tattoos when it comes to getting a tattoo of an animal.🐺

There are a multitude of wolf designs and each one contains a unique meaning. They can be represented in many forms and even accompanied by certain elements, such as the moon (one of the most recurring) or even a lion, animal symbolic of power.

One of the most common interpretations of the wolf tattoo is that it symbolizes strength and power. Wolves have a special ability: they are able to survive in the worst conditions. The characteristics of the wolf are the reason why it is considered as a powerful creature.

A wolf tattoo can also represent the family. Myths and legends say that wolves have a family and that the bond between each member is exceptional. Wolves are naturally loyal to their family. This is the reason why many people get this type of tattoo: to express their love for their family.


Wolves play an important role in the Celtic tradition. They were guardians and protectors of the spirits of the forest, and they made sure that the fairy kingdom remained safe from outside influences.

These majestic animals were seen as symbols of the moon and thus, by extension, of femininity. Scottish legends related to the green wolf who often brought food to the fairies, telling nursing mothers to give milk for them.

In this tradition, the wolves brought the night. If they did not hunt and eat the sun at dusk, the moon could not rise each night. A Celtic wolf tattoo not only represents a link to the ancient customs of these noble people, but is also a wonderful way to pay homage to the wolf and its guiding and protective qualities.🛡️

These drawings can also evoke power and strength because, after all, only powerful beings are capable of devouring the sun, as told us in the Nordic legend of Skoll and Hati.

celtic wolf tattoo


A skull is a symbol of death, human mortality and destruction. Wolves have frequently been associated with the afterlife.💀 In Ancient Egypt, the god of death, Anubis, was often depicted with the head of a wolf or jackal (depending on one's point of view). Wolves are spiritual guides to the afterlife in many ancient cultures in Europe and North America.

A wolf skull tattoo symbolizes your understanding of death and, in a sense, your reliance on the wolf to be your guide. You are not afraid to face your own death like the wolf.

wolf skull tattoo


The eyes are the mirror of the soul; it is through these powerful organs that we perceive the world around us and understand how things work.👁️ The wolf is an expressive and highly communicative animal. It sees beyond the surface of things and uses every sense: eyes, ears, mouth and skin to interact with the world around it.

In the wild, the wolf keeps its eyes focused to its prey and some people who have experienced it say that the wolf's gaze seems to penetrate your soul. Wolf eye tattoos symbolize your deep understanding of the world around you and show that you see beyond the appearance of things.

wolf eye tattoo


The wolf and the raven are important figures in the culture of the native peoples of North America and Nordic myths. First, both are revered for their intelligence and possession of ancient knowledge, but on the other hand, they are considered deceptive creatures with great survival intelligence and the ability to change form.

The wolf and the raven engage in a battle of ingenuity and compete to see who will win by using their brains. The raven is the guardian of secrets and the wolf is the provider of ancient wisdom.

In some stories, one deceives the other, while in other traditional stories, both combine forces to defeat the evildoers. The wolf and raven tattoos come from the indigenous traditions of North America and show your spiritual connection to the teachings of this culture.

This concept also exists in European cultures, especially in ancient Germanic paganism. In these traditions, the wolf, raven and eagle are engaged in an endless battle against evil and dark forces.

wolf and raven tattoo


Moon and wolf tattoos are signs of communication and power.🌙 The alpha wolf is usually the only one to howl at the moon, to tell the rest of the pack to come together and to indicate to those who are not part of the pack that they are in their territory. The moon and wolf tattoos represent power, transformation and femininity.

wolf and moon tattoo


In the past, it was not unusual for indigenous peoples to decorate their bodies with marks to evoke ancient spirits. By doing so, they drew upon themselves the power of the ancestors and gods that allowed them to do things that mortals are not usually capable of.

Tribal wolf tattoos are common designs among warriors of the native peoples of North America who identified with the power and fierce fighting spirit of the noble wolf. These designs not only identify a person as a member of a particular tribe, but also give them the spiritual power and energy of the wolf. Wolf warriors are powerful, primal and fearless in the face of danger.⚔️

tribal wolf tattoo


A wolf claw tattoo symbolizes your lack of fear in an emotional, spiritual, mental or physical battle. Claws and claw marks usually represent conflict and are a sign of fierce antagonism. Wolf claw tattoos exude power and strength: they symbolize your fighting spirit, your lack of fear and your ability to completely dominate your enemies.

wolf claw tattoo 


Tattoos are a way to express your artistic side. They are unique and accompany you throughout your life, so it is important to consider the consequences of permanent inking of your skin in a tattoo parlor.

If you are not yet sure which model you would like to get tattooed, or if you simply want to be able to change tattoos regularly according to your desires, the wolf ephemeral tattoo is the solution for you!⏳

The temporary wolf tattoo is the ideal compromise before opting for the permanent wolf tattoo, which can only be removed with a laser treatment.

wolf ephemeral tattoo



If you would like to get your favorite totem animal tattooed in ink, here is a list of wolf tattoos to give you some ideas. With no less than 150 best wolf tattoos in a variety of styles, you're sure to find the one you like.🏆

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