Wolf necklace

Our collection of wolf necklaces is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to add a touch of wildness and power to their style. Each necklace is crafted from high-quality materials and features a unique wolf design that is both eye-catching and symbolic. Whether you're looking for a bold statement piece or a subtle accent, our wolf necklaces are the perfect choice. You'll find wolf necklaces made of silver, stainless steel, and leather, each one with its own unique design. You can find wolf necklaces with wolf head pendants, wolf paw pendants, wolf tooth pendants and more.

Wolf chain for wolf lovers

Wolf Stuff offers the largest selection of high quality wolf necklaces. A timeless piece of jewelry made with quality materials such as 316L steel and silver. It is an essential accessory for all wolf lovers to become one with your inner wolf and express your thirst for freedom. Discover unique pendants like the Viking wolf necklace for men, or the black obsidian wolf necklace for women, which repels negative energies thanks to its natural stone.

Wolf chains are an important part of many different cultures and traditions. They have been used as symbols of protection, strength, and power throughout the centuries. Wolves themselves are often seen as strong, brave creatures that can protect us from danger. This symbol has been adopted by various people groups to represent their own values and beliefs.

In some cultures, the wolf chain is a sign of loyalty between friends or family members. It is believed that wearing this item brings good luck and strength to its wearer. The links in the chain may also symbolize a bond shared between two people, such as love or friendship. A wolf chain could be given as a gift for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays.

The design of wolf chains vary from culture to culture, but all feature a central wolf head with different variations of links around it. Some may be decorated with symbols and colors that represent certain values or beliefs. Others can be made out of precious metals such as gold or silver and may feature intricately carved designs.

Wolf chains are often seen as being protective talismans to keep away danger and ill fortune. They are also believed to bring strength, courage, and power to those who wear them. No matter the design or intent behind them, these ancient artifacts remain powerful symbols for many people around the world today.

Wolf Pendant

For a long time ago, the wolf amulet necklace has been a main fashion jewel. Nowadays, a lot of people wear a silver wolf pendant. This is a universal jewel and one of the most appreciated representations by the fanatics of this beast.

This sumptuous necklace for men and women is the perfect gift for all those who feel like liberate, who are cunning and who never retreat to reach their destination.

Select a rough and wild style and select a rope chain, or a leather cord with a wolf fang. Or, pick for a casual style and choose a silver plated wolf design pendant, stainless steel chain or gold chain.

Complete your look with a wolf ring or leather bracelet to be one with the spirit of the wolf. A perfect blend of native culture and style.

 wolf necklaces

Symbolism of the wolf necklace

In ancient times, during Vikings kingdom, the wolf was considered as a symbol of sovereignty. In this sense, ancient treasures created by Celtic jewelers have been found : jewels at the effigy of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, prettified with a wolf head. Moreover, in ancient folks, Fenrir, a giant wolf god, embodied cunning and confusion.

We also find the symbol of the wolf in many nations as in Ancient Egypt, where it was represented by Anubis, the god of death. But also in the Native American folk, in which the wolf the quintessence of tribes. It is a totem animal and spiritual guide that accompanied the tribes, as a true emblem of adaptability, robustness and protection.

When the wolf is our guide animal or when it appears as a symbol in our lives, it indicates family, endurance, intuition, learning, sensitivity, receptivity, the need for solitude, being able to listen to others, trustworthy and leadership.

He detects and initiates new ideas. It is the ability to listen and understand while be listened and understood. The wolf has a craving for knowledge and is also   an incomparable teacher. He teaches his cubs, his pack, all the knowledge he has learned from his life.

Wolves have a big sens of responsibility toward their family, but he also wants to be independent. Wolf is very loyal, he only has one partner in his whole life. When he howls at the crescent moon, he is connected to spiritual energy, to universal knowledge . The wolf howl at the moon is the interconnection between a wolf leader and his pack. He teaches us the determination to transmit our qualifications to others to ameliorate their daily life and to share our thought process.

The Wolf can incarnate : a lively acuity, a craving for freedom, a deep connection with our instincts, a feeling of threat, a lack of confidence in someone or in ourselves.

Be aware that the meanings of the wolf are ample depending on the culture and the specifies of the majestic beast. A tribal wolf, A gray wolf, a white wolf and a black wolf or a red wolf will not necessarily mean the same thing. It is the same for a wolf howling at the full moon, and, a wolf hunting. The necessary thing is that you need to choose the meaning of your pendants necklaces before wearing it.

What are wolf necklaces made of ?

Our beautiful collection of necklaces for women and men is manufactured with quality materials. Whether you prefer a 925 sterling silver pendant necklace, a 316l stainless steel necklace, black rhodium plated, or a gold necklace, it will give you a touch of elegance and wilderness at the same time.

If you prefer a rough style, we advise you to discover our range of wooden necklaces, semi precious gemstones necklace (labradorite, agate, obsidian, moonstone etc.) or a necklace produced with wolf fang. Whatever your look and your desires, we have the jewel that will increase your style and disclose your wild side.

How to take care of your wolf necklace ?

In order to retain the grace of your fashion jewelry necklaces and prevent it from rusting or tarnishing, we suggest that you limit contact with water or any other liquids. It is also preferable to clean your silver jewelry with a piece of cotton cloth.

Wolf Necklace for Men

Jewelry and necklaces with the effigy of the wolf are particularly adored by men. The symbolism of the wolf makes it an accessory of choice to express its deep nature while having style. An ideal gift for him!

The perfect gift to surprise

If you are looking for a birthday gift idea for a woman or a man, stop immediately to discover our collection of necklaces specially dedicated to the wolf theme.

There's nothing like a nice, fancy but quality necklace to please your spouse. Our wolf chains will also delight children who are fascinated by this wild animal.