Yin Yang Wolf Pendant

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Seal your love by proving your loyalty and eternal love to your partner with the Yin Yang wolf pendant. Unite the two sides of the necklaces as a symbol of your union. Ideal for alphas couples whose love is as unconditional such as the love of the wolf to his she-wolf.

This yin yang wolf pendant is very special because it is not a single necklace, but two separable necklaces each having its own chain with its clasp. It can therefore be shared with a friend to become a friendship necklace or be worn by a couple to be shared with the chosen one of their heart. This necklace is the perfect gift to give to a loved one to prove to them that they really matter.


  • Wolf couple pendant: The perfect gift to offer to your loved one.
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Length: 17,7 in | 45 cm
  • Meticulous finish
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