3D Wolf Dreamcatcher

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Hang the sublime 3D wolf dreamcatcher above your bed or on the edge of your window so that it captures in its web the bad dreams that will be destroyed by the sunlight. This dream catcher is handmade with the know-how of the native American tribes.

The 3D wolf dreamcatcher awakens your subconscious mind to facilitate access to dreams. With a length of 68 cm, it contains a great power to protect you from all negative energies that would like to disturb your nights.


  • Premium dream catcher: The dream catcher is a handmade relic that protects its holder during sleep by filtering out bad dreams and useless dreams and letting only good dreams go by.
  • Handmade with Native American know how.
  • Materials: Mesh ring, cotton, linen, feathers, wooden bead
  • Ring diameter: 20 cm
  • Length: 68 cm
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Discover also the Tribal Wolf Dreamcatcher, handmade with the Amerindian know-how. This Native American relic can be placed on your bedside table or hung on your wall to spread its soothing energy. For more peace and quiet, hang another Wolf dreamcatcher on your wall, in your bedroom or living room, to disperse bad energy. The essential accessory for restful nights. You can also check our Wolf decor.

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