North Wolf Wallet

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The bitter cold of Westeros doesn't make you tremble? Then this splendid North wolf wallet featuring the famous wolf's head, symbol of the Stark house, will suit you perfectly!

The famous Stark House, Warden of the North served and still serves the King by protecting the north from the arrival of the white walkers. Our beautiful North Wolf Wallet is a beautiful tribute to this family that gave birth to the bravest heroes of Game of Thrones!


  • Elegant Wolf wallet: 100% handmade with care and precision, this splendid Wolf wallet features a gorgeous design of the most beautiful animal on Earth. An elegant accessory and an essential to keep your money safe and away from bad hands!
  • Premium materials: PU Leather
  • Characteristics
      • Dimensions: 11cm x 8.5cm
      • Weight: 100g
      • Thickness: 3cm
    • This product is perfect for every Wolf Lover, women, men, and children!
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