Tribal Wolf Dreamcatcher

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This tribal Dreamcatcher is a spiritual tool used to protect you from nightmares while you sleep. Place it above your bed, or, preferably at the edge of your window, where the morning light can reach it to purify it of negative energies.

The beautiful tribal wolf dreamcatcher is adorned with feathers and a hand-woven ring. This mystical relic drew its influences from the Amerindian culture. They hung them from the cradles of newborns as a form of armor and protection from bad energies and nightmares.

  • Premium dream catcher: The dream catcher is a handmade relic that protects its holder during sleep by filtering out bad dreams and useless dreams and letting only good dreams go by.
  • Handmade with Native American know how.
  • Materials: Mesh ring, cotton, linen, feathers, wooden bead
  • Length: 58 cm