Wolf in Dream Catcher

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Do you have a disturbed mind? Do you have restless nights? This is probably due to the bad energies in your room. Chase the evil spirits and negativity out of your home by hanging this beautiful wolf dream catcher. A handmade relic with feathers, wooden beads and rings woven from webs. It traps bad dreams and allows you to sleep peacefully while decorating your home with the effigy of your totem animal.

  • Premium dream catcher: The dream catcher is a handmade relic that protects its holder during sleep by filtering out bad dreams and useless dreams and letting only good dreams go by.
  • Handmade with Native American know how.
  • Materials: Mesh ring, cotton, linen, feathers, wooden bead
  • Ring diameter: 16*11*7 cm
  • Length: 70 cm
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